Import / Export Consulting


Claims Ex-Tariff

Ex-Tarifario is a special regime in which there is temporary reduction of import tax rate (I.I.) of capital goods, telecommunications goods, and computing technologies when there is no equivalent domestic production. The inclusion of items in this benefit can be decisive for the workability of import projects and incorporation of new technologies. We conduct the process with government agencies seeking the inclusion of items with speed and low cost.

Negotiation with Suppliers Overseas

We will treat the negotiations with the manufacturer in a strategic way, always seeking better commercial terms, transparency and reliability. Deal with different cultures and independent countries require attention and dedication to the subject. Count on our expertise to work safely and economically.

Enabling the RADAR

Document orientation, attainment and monitoring of the entire adequacy process for RADAR inclusion.

Drawback Management

Special customs regime that allows the exporter a tax exemption on the purchase of inputs, when imported or purchased from domestic suppliers. By using this benefit the exporter reduces the cost of the product to be exported and increases their competitiveness in the international market.

We do all the outlining, implementation and management of drawback, ensuring customer enjoyment of the benefit and eliminating any risk of failure in the process. So our customer will focus their operations, while Ettica cares for the rest.

Internationalization of your Brand

An internationalization project can bring various benefits: increased institutional brand equity, increase sales volume, gain scale through increased production, dilution of risks as a result of market diversification, among others benefits.

We will work together with your team in this project, making the necessary adjustments in your products, packaging, marketing materials, helping arrange export prices, and more. Good preparation is fundamental to success in entering the international market.