Commercial Exporter

Since its formation, Ettica had a strong presence in the export of Brazilian products. Initially focused in the beer segment, Ettica currently expanded to export a wide range of food, beverages, cosmetics, appliances, among many other products.

Acting as an export trading, Ettica purchases products on the domestic market, consolidating the load and exporting to their overseas customers. Composing a mix of various manufactured products, meeting the demands of overseas customers.

If your company is looking for Brazilian products, please contact us and we will identify the best suppliers to serve you.


Many Brazilian companies receive overseas customer contacts interested in their products, but cannot advance exporting for lack of knowledge of procedures. Ettica leads the entire export process, from the formation of the sales price, negotiation with importers, choosing the appropriate transport and delivery of goods to the importer. We will research all the logistics viabilities to enable the export in the best aspect possible, seeking greater competitiveness and capture new opportunities.

Export Agency

Our job is to represent your brand / product in the international market. In this model Ettica will seek overseas customers interested in your products, and will drive the entire export process, from negotiating with the importer up to the shipment of goods.