By Order

Ettica will conduct all import with its own resources and then will resell the imported goods to a previously established customer, in this case called the ordering party, on predetermined business conditions. This operation format is regulated by the IRS. For more information click here

By Account and Order

In this operating format, the client (obtainer of goods) hires Ettica (importer) to assist the import service of the solicited products. Ettica performs the customs clearance procedures on your behalf, but all the resources of the operation come from the client. This operation format provides considerable reduction of tax costs in outsourced imports. Imports by account and order are regulated by the IRS. For more information click here:

Suppliers Development

In the global market there are great opportunities to meet suppliers with attractive prices and differentiated products to increase the competitiveness of your business. However the search for the ideal supplier can be an expensive and risky process if done the wrong way.

With a network of international partners and advanced search tools, we can identify the ideal supplier for our customers’ needs. We also give support on the negotiation of requesting samples, cargo inspection and monitoring the shipment, in the entire operation flux for importing.

With Tax Incentives

Since we are benefited from tax reduction incentives, Ettica has its tax onus at customs clearance. According to the incentive layout, the client can be benefited from the reduction in operations where Ettica acts as the importing agent.

We do all the work, and our customer pays less than if they were importing for themselves.